waterspouts and abundant bowls

I stand on a lake. The water is dark and calm. As the wind blows, ripples glitter in the sunlight. What I think are wisps of my hair fly into view; otherwise, there is no horizon, no land mass, and no boundary. Limitlessness. I have nowhere to go and nothing to do. I choose any direction and move toward it. My movement disturbs the surface only. I realize I am merely an abundance of water. It leaks from my eyes and rushes through my limbs. I am spinning in the wind. It is this form that glitters in the sunlight. A fluffy cylindrical mass forms at the periphery of my vision. Rolling towards me, it’s so soft looking, though like me, I know its core is empty,  forceful, and seething with curiosity; this is a water tornado. Perhaps the wind brings us together. It doesn’t really matter. It is the only phenomena besides me on the lake. We greet one another. Spiraling simple phenomena. I feel great joy knowing there is another. My awareness suffers pain realizing, like myself, he will cease to be and disappear back into the lake. We, being the lake, become serene, glitter in the sunlight, and continue to flow through the darkness, called by the wind. What a refreshing moment.

Yogi Bhajan says:

“it was, it is, it could be, it should be. Whosoever wants to have happiness in life, put everything in these four bowls, and blend it up. You will never regret it.”


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