Opportunities are not what is imagined


Beautiful Moon pointing fingers,

long and slim, folded so peacefully, palms sweating salt.

I think I’d like to eat some french fries now.

As I understand it,

Salt is the only nutrient our bodies do not store, cannot make,

and our bodies NEED it.

Oceans full of saltwater where we return to the One.

Mountains and Rivers.

Is there an Ocean Bodhisattva?

Puppies like to lick toes, Bees like to lick arms;

Even Auohumbla, the Divine Cow licked salty blocks of ice in the Great North.

Is it a need for attention,  am I a flower, or an Oceanic Primogenitor?

Or is it that all of these beings simply need Salt?

Can I turn away from Salt?

french fries are REALLY not good for the body.

Well, all I can think at this moment is-

“the next time I eat french fries, I’ll do my best to be nourished by them!”

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