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scratching the surface of mind

March 29, 2010

“…it is worth noticing that what you think one way or another is not help for realization. Then you are cautious not to be small-minded. If realization came forth by the power of your prior thoughts, it would not be trustworthy.Realization does not depend on thoughts, but comes forth far beyond them, realization is helped only by the power of realization itself. Know that then there is no delusion, and no realization.”  -Dogen


hell – what do I know?

utter confusion. communication makes little sense.

I can’t know, what I’ve not heard

thoughts are trouble

And there are no flaws.

Beautiful Jolie says “it’s just life”

ringing the no-answer bell- I love you Jolie!


reification and Dogen’s black stone tortoise

March 29, 2010


incense, flowers, the sound of the bell

words twist mind

opening jars; the unguents of touch and beauty

do not delay the flesh burning

what is the function?

what is the function?

what is the function?

no matter how i hit it i cannot hear it.

You are so right, my love, it does not need words

there is no need

heart wound


“All form is comparable to foam; all feelings to bubbles; all sensations are mirage-like; dispositions are like the plantain trunk; consciousness is but an illusion: so did the Buddha illustrate the nature of the aggregates”

form is emptiness, emptiness is form

what is it?

March 26, 2010


mountains and rivers

the neverending corners

melting in blue eyes


Nanyue said “it is not that there is no practice and no realization, it is just that they cannot be defiled.” Then Huineng said “This non-defilement has been guarded by all buddhas. You are like this and I am like this.”


blood drips down,  sun shines.

sitting still, experience

not born, not destroyed.


the red thread

March 25, 2010


hear the cruel no-answer until blood

drips down

beat your head against the wall of it       – Zen Master Ikkyu


the consubstantiality of brain fog

March 24, 2010

without title


the Tao radiant in consubstantial expression offers

youth and age:

all are vulnerable from birth to death

all get older from birth to death


depending on perception, alone is as alone does


from Silent Illumination by Chan Master Hung-chih Cheng-chueh

“…Drink the medicine of correct views.
Beat the poison-smeared drum.
When these two are complementary
Killing and bringing to life are up to me…”

Painted Hunger and evaporation

March 22, 2010



no rush, no bother, no stream
just one bright puddle
drying up in the sunlight

Painted Hunger and brassing the four Bramha Viharas

“without painted hunger you never become a true person” – Dogen

Emptiness of words, swallows and spits don’t know mind

when will my unauthenticity ever end?

I am unskillful but willing

I have no idea what effort is- all seems inadequate

the suffering I’ve caused is immeasurable.


The Four Bramha Viharas– Metta, Karuna, Mudita, Upekkha or lovingkindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, serenity


Exposed metal where paint or plating has worn off.

Many metal camera bodies are made of brass, usually painted with black enamel or plated with chrome or nickel. With age and use the finish can chip or wear off, particularly on the top of the pentaprism hump or on corners, revealing the brass underneath. A heavily brassed camera suggests that the camera has seen commensurately heavy use. The term is also used more generally for surface damage which reveals any metal underneath, even if that metal is not brass

fortis fortuna adjuvat- “fortune favors the brave”


March 18, 2010

Grey is Gray

“Light waves, like ocean waves, have peaks and valleys (crests and troughs). Red light has the longest wavelength and violet the shortest.

All waves, including light, have a curious property: if two waves combine, the waves can meet each other crest-to-crest, adding up and reinforcing the effect of each other, or they can meet crest-to-trough, cancelling each other out so that they have no effect. When they meet crest-to-trough, for every “up” vibration in one wave, there is a corresponding “down” vibration in the other wave. This combination of equal ups and downs causes complete cancellation or interference. Interference is responsible for the pearly luster of an abalone shell, the beautiful colors in some bird feathers and insect wings, and the flowing patches of color in an oil slick on the street after a rain shower – and for the color of bubbles. ”

Iridescence is interference

intersecting points of time and space in Indra’s net

manifesting every one bright pearl, every river, every mountain

cancellation dissolves barriers.

grey is gray,

bubbles made of soap wash nothing away.

warped images in whatever dimension conceived.

nevertheless, light is light; even in the darkness where rivers flow


Definition: Iris diaphragm–nounOptics, Photography

a composite diaphragm with a central aperture readily adjustable for size, used to regulate the amount of light admitted to a lens or optical system.

Nice Box

March 13, 2010

“…Vedana is the result of birth and consciousness, and, in this sense is applied to sensory experience, to the attractive, neutral, and unattractive qualities…The experience of Vedana through the eyes doesn’t mean you’re eyes ache or hurt; it means that when you see beautiful flowers as attractive, that the Vedana of attraction is pleasant. There is also unpleasant, and neutral feeling. Then the whole process will stimulate desire, grasping and becoming (tanha-upadana-bhava) We become what we desire. Now apply that to all the senses and their objects -to sound, smell, taste,touch,and thought. Some of our thoughts are very pleasant; some are neither pleasant or unpleasant, and some are unpleasant.”

from “The Way It Is” – by Ajahn Sumedho

sitting in non-dual awareness description

In the attempt to describe It, It disappears.

Focusing on what It was

sensed was creative potential energy that is constant arising without becoming, actualization or cessation.

However/ And,  what  It was, is not this discourse.

Do Not Know, Don’t Know, do not know, don’t know

Nice Box

It has nothing to do with philosophy, at all.

the gateway and container; preparation

March 12, 2010

Preparation is not calculating.

Preparation is attention to now.

Preparation is tender.

Waking in the morning, Ojas

Feeling the breath in the body, Ojas

Opening the moment, Ojas

Innocence is fearlessness.


March 8, 2010

Curious Needs

it was spoken to my attention

that to be a hero requires a victim and a situation;

none of which together creates Peace.

It is another quaint trinity with destructive negligence.

the world may require something it has never heard of;

the world may be aware of awareness

and that is all it asks.

may I give it? may I receive it? May I be simply curious?

curious needs for One and All.

So much joyful potential!