Nice Box

“…Vedana is the result of birth and consciousness, and, in this sense is applied to sensory experience, to the attractive, neutral, and unattractive qualities…The experience of Vedana through the eyes doesn’t mean you’re eyes ache or hurt; it means that when you see beautiful flowers as attractive, that the Vedana of attraction is pleasant. There is also unpleasant, and neutral feeling. Then the whole process will stimulate desire, grasping and becoming (tanha-upadana-bhava) We become what we desire. Now apply that to all the senses and their objects -to sound, smell, taste,touch,and thought. Some of our thoughts are very pleasant; some are neither pleasant or unpleasant, and some are unpleasant.”

from “The Way It Is” – by Ajahn Sumedho

sitting in non-dual awareness description

In the attempt to describe It, It disappears.

Focusing on what It was

sensed was creative potential energy that is constant arising without becoming, actualization or cessation.

However/ And,  what  It was, is not this discourse.

Do Not Know, Don’t Know, do not know, don’t know

Nice Box

It has nothing to do with philosophy, at all.


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