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March 7, 2010


I was at the park with my niece when she was 6 or 7. She had just learned how to jump rope by herself; but had yet to learn double Dutch. This is a matter of running and leaping into a moving rope being turned by other people. It can whip the head, or what is more mortifying, one can simply not be able to do it. It seems simple to watch and lots of fun. But it is not simple; if the rope gets stopped, the game stops, and there were many others who wanted a turn to jump in. Clementine would stand at the edge watching closely, swaying with the rope as it came toward her like chomping teeth. “Whack! Whack! Whack!”  Actually everyone was anticipating her action; we all really wanted her to succeed, because we had all been through this right of passage. Murmurs in the hearts,” Can she do it? I hope she can do it. I can see she wants to do it so much.”  I so wished I could take the burden of this anxiety for her; especially as I was one of the people swinging the rope.

“Thwack! Thwack” the rhythm of the rope on concrete…

I said “OK Clemmy! You can do this!… GO NOW!” and without hesitation she ran and jumped in! Up and down hitting the pavement she went for a really long time! When the rope finally had its way, it piled up around her heels and EVERYONE burst into applause. She smiled shyly with radiance.


I could feel her self-confidence in the face of such bad odds. I was thrilled for her as was everyone on the playground. Our memories were hers and hers were ours. What a fine teaching.

That Christmas,  Clementine gave me a marvelous gift.  It was a bright beautiful Orange, with the words “GO NOW!” spelled out in cloves. For a minute, I was puzzled with no recognition. OH and THEN! My heart was so touched; she made me a gift of scent and flavor. Something to stir this precious memory; a moment where Clementine and I and the World,  all celebrated consciousness together…

It now sits in the window, its skin has dried and paled and the smell of the cloves have wafted to Tushita Heaven.

Still, every time I see it, I remember that I should always “GO NOW!” with fearlessness.

Thank you so much Clementine for the heart wish.

Superb Delicacies and Crude Greens

March 6, 2010

Love inside, Love outside

listening, as requested,

I seek the resonance of my heart

humming in the sun & moon,


So to recognize my home

and live there complete;

nourishing those who enter the doorway

hungry ghosts or not.


March 5, 2010

I need a massage

Mahakashyapa  smiled


March 3, 2010

dust whirls; dust chokes;

dust blows through cracks;

dust settles; dust is disturbed.

I am dust;

all is dust.

dust dragons, dust demons,

Springing and sparkling,

Sitting or sleeping

I love dust.

Nebulae like this form when dying stars heat up and eject their outer layers of gas into space. Dust grains form in the gas as it expands into space and cools. This will be the fate of our sun near the end of its life about five billion years from now. Credit: NASA and the European Space Agency

click the image above to see a dust devil moving on Mars

Electrical Activities

Dust devils, even small ones (on Earth), can produce radio noise and electrical fields greater than 10,000 volts per meter.[10] A dust devil picks up small dirt and dust particles. As the particles whirl around, they bump and scrape into each other and become electrically charged. The whirling charged particles also create a magnetic field that fluctuates between 3 and 30 times each second.[11]

Causes of Blowing Dust

As wind speed increases over soil with no vegetation, small sand particles (0.1–0.5 mm in diameter) begin to move. At first, particles on the surface creep forward. As wind speed continues to increase, small particles fly through the air for a few centimeters before falling back to the surface. This is called saltation. When the saltating particles hit the ground, they may dislodge other particles, especially smaller particles. Finally, if the wind speed is high enough, small particles become suspended in the air. Suspended particles are carried high into the air where they become the dust of a dust storm.

Receptivity and Generosity

March 3, 2010

plenus e plena spatium ex nihilo


skin shredding

as I venture through another broken door.

tantalizing chocolate wafting;

helping to forget the deadness of roses.

running from your likeness,

only to take refuge where people speak of memories

the flavor is not the real thing.

gone, gone, completely gone.

with receiving in hand and joy on my lips,

again I ring the birthing bell.

Etta at 90