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casting shadows like Peter Pan

July 31, 2010

shame at being visible

100 feet down

still dust settles on the mirror

the bone

July 19, 2010

The Power of One’s Bone

When the bone was picked up in search of food,

striving to stay alive, the impetus was fear of death.

Hunger, the gravitation toward Truth.

Frustration, when discovering

neither meat on the bone, nor marrow inside.

In Anger, violently striking the Earth with that bone,

it shattered and cut a finger open.

Sucking the wound, drinking the blood.

Nourishing; the mouth felt Pleasure, then Wonder.

Thirst, the gravitation toward Truth.

A tool had been born; that caused pain, could dominate,

and cleave those to Me who would parent My children.

Protection arose; this My possession,

would secure the collective, creating the enclave.

Through separation We would be One and not Alone;

Madness, the gravitation toward Truth.

The beginning, the end, the search.