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November 27, 2010



Characterization begins;

and in the while, this mind sounds pleading:

“oh, please be still!”


“maybe this time it will work.”

never, ever,  really to know.

Knowing evaporates

as it leaves the mouth, or as the eyelash flutters, etcetera


Today; leaves of green and yellow clinging to a dreaming tree

not fully awake

not fully asleep

see the black snake branches climbing through

This moments canopy

is this not yet the moon?

November 21, 2010


the constant

that is not the tree bones in winter

it is not the sky or the earth

its blackness or blueness nor any particular overlook


are this moment’s past

trusting eyes

view a different death consistently

open the joy box!

Being All Together

November 8, 2010


darkening light scatters

the others running for cover; concern about getting wet, about death

At this sunset, the air

electric mist rolling through the woods, anticipation

squares of light illuminate

the kitchen, then the dining room, then the living room

entertaining shadows flicker like film

“Wait” whisper

rain touching caring drops

“we must go in; lightening is coming! if it strikes we will be dead”

“lets make love here, imminent; the grass is moist, this moment, this storm”

Down into the wet blades, shirts come off soaking

slick skin sliding loam scent

match striking again and again

and again the laying on of hands

being all together

being all together

a fallen log listens; it’s center rich and empty

in tandem breathing dying breaths


pause now…

how silly the concern for modesty;

now dressing in wet clothing to enter a house of fear on strangers faces

being all together

being all together