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January 18, 2011











willful isolation
maybe a reflex to Human Karma
Self- inflicted Earth wounds


this morning’s mind

January 13, 2011




this morning’s mind seizes quickly

so many messages leave traces in character.

When caught

breathe in the fear, taste its life,  breathe out its diminishment,

In choosing a new perspective,  character is re-routed,

as a mirror reflecting light, reflecting light, reflecting light

like the love of a child being mirrored in their presence.

Lighting the darkest corners of ourselves;  a giving so

that a next step may be taken in spite of the monsters under the bed.

Even in sickness, even in the dark, even in death,

the Unknown’s  beauty Here reflects and

somehow,  Nature intuits direction

allowing this morning’s mind to flourish with new offerings & new receiving

why don’t we do it in the road?

January 12, 2011


why don’t we do it in the road?

causation can not be ignored


the  purpose point (s)  to?  over there? what?

body music

breathe in / breathe out


point is no point

shoveling shit:  have to go and make my breakfast

to continue to live and breathe and go to work, to continue to eat and sleep and excrete

here now

watch the crossing light; stop or go

causation can not be ignored

get out of my own way

do it =  be it