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yearning to soothe the Earth

February 28, 2011


This Spring,

after we had spoken secrets,

fear began the fill of Fire Buckets.

Greed reveals the sun;

light particles, stirred by my breath.

While this brigade has cheeks of trampled blooms,

our intent in stillness and action,

continues the possible Beauty.

This Wound, my heart, panning for gold.


ache of distance

February 22, 2011



rinsing: receiving
most similar to being
spring rain, tears, passage









Tajeme Sylvester – trying to make a difference,  Rest in Peace…

morning in snow, new york city

February 21, 2011




snow blessings outside

on opening the curtains

breath in my body

Letting Go

February 1, 2011




Letting Go

And Grandmother said “It’s all baby-steps.”


even as snowflakes begin their clinging,

thoughts arise of ”there must be more”

and again, on the path, my boots simply leave a mushy mess.


as when a baby throws its food and watches the effect,

the snow sits quiet; gathering witness

And continued is my endless desire for rightness

and awareness still of others in need.

let go

like snow