i wish i had a poem to offer

i wish i had a poem to offer

something that expresses the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy
about the kindness of my neighbors 
and the bewildered stranded tourists, or the girl who
served me hot coffee 10 blocks up to get internet
she's from Iceland and worked 52 hours in 4 days
and said so with a smile and a twinkle in the eye
to tell of the relief at seeing my brother-in law; late late
who biked a great distance
to see if i was home or if i was lost
and my family, sangha, friends
all who inquire and help
words to speak of
the kindness of those who volunteer in the neighborhoods,
donating time, money, water and food; offering suggestions on social media
and the nighttime traffic whistle blower that keeps drivers safe and
to friends that saw the stars in the city night, that vision inspiration
to the people that work in the dark delis and the fellow making music for anything
and to the fellow at the corner hardware that fixed my flashlight
i'll be shopping there forever

To all of them and
more and more and more
i wish i had a poem to offer.

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