The vision of the cold box and the golden bubble















The vision of the cold box and the golden bubble

Deep down, inside the center of my heart, there
is a low, square frozen metal box
dripping condensation.
I pull the ring and open the frigid door,
hiss, cold
smoke escapes.
My Motherfathersisterbrother are bound
angry, struggling on fire.

Using my tools, I take the door off the hinges, so
it will never be closed or locked again.
I seal my family in a bubble of light,
the Golden Light of Love, Forgiveness, and Surrender.
I try to send it away but it hovers and spins.
The arm of my Brother remains outside,
in case I wish
to grasp his hand and come home.

I crawl into the center and sit; meditating,
relaxing into the chill along my legs.
The smoke curls around me;
it issues from Emptiness,
similar to looking into the eyes
of an Abbess I once knew.
Letting go, we share breath;
the golden bubble floats away.




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